Open Source Projects

Zendesk Markdown Publisher

This is a Ruby project I put together in order to add version control to Zendesk’s help center product. This takes a markdown file, converts it to HTML using the Github-Markdown Gem, and then uses Zendesk’s RESTful API to publish knowledge files. Wanna help out? Drop me a line.


Speedyrails Public Website

I used to work as a Web Developer and Technical Writer for Speedyrails, a great cloud hosting company with data centers in Canada. I’m putting together a PDF of screenshots and annotations instead of linking to their website, but until then, it still looks like it did when I worked there.

Technical Writing

Getting Started with Dokku

This document explains to a developer how to use the Linux command line to use Dokku, an open-source containerization platform that’s suitable for applications that run on frameworksRuby on Rails, Node.js, Laravel, that kind of thing. It’s pretty cool if you ask me.

Managing Cloud Servers

This documentation explains to a user how to create and manage cloud servers using a cloud management application. Cloud Servers can be hard to spin up and get running. This application makes it super easy.

Managing DNS Zones

This is documentation explaining to a customer how to configure their DNS zones when using a cloud management application. DNS is hard. It needs documentation. Here’s some documentation about DNS.

Certificates API Documentation

This is a document outlining how to use a cloud hosting company’s API to issue SSL certificates. SSL is important, and you can get it for free at Let’s Encrypt

Lab Tutorial

This is a hands on lab tutorial for Microsoft’s WebRTC platform that tells a developer how to create an audio/video video messaging component. I took raw text from the SME and made it into something that is suitable for developers to use to complete the project. This is a huge document, but goes through how to put a WebRTC client together from start to finish using C# and stuff. It’s pretty cool.

Create a Development Store

Shopify’s Platform team needed updated documentation to provide to users who focus on development and design partners for other users via the Shopify Partners Program. This is also featured in Tracy Osborn’s “Writing So Your Words Are Read” presentation at Write The Docs 2016. It shows up at 29:47

Add a Product

This is a task-oriented help page. Adding a product is a key step for every user to successfully onboard to the Shopify platform. As merchants transitioned to the revised workflow as part of a software update, support debt decreased, and page traffic increased to this help page.

Product CSV Explained

This is a conceptual help page that helps users understand how to import products from an existing platform such as Etsy, BigCommerce, or Volusion using a CSV spreadsheet. This was a large win for merchants as it communicates the requirements to import files in this way, which saved a lot of headache in their support department.

Conference Talks

Only Interesting Conversations: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Docs and Support

I spoke about how Docs and Support help each other. This is my conference talk where I tell jokes and put a bird on things. You’ll probably have a chuckle or two.